Monday, August 25, 2008

Vino in corte: a week-end event at San Briccio di Lavagna (Verona-Italy)

On 5-7 september 2008 at san Briccio di Lavagna in the province of Verona "Vino in Corte 2008" (Wine in the courtyard) will take place. The small old village center will be closed to the traffic and it will be possible to taste in its courtyards a selection of wines from Veneto, Calabria Piemonte and Umbria and Lombardia from 6pm.

I like the way some small communities like San Briccio di Lavagna are able to organise nice events around the wine (but not only, because there will also be a selection of Belgian beers). Sommeliers from the A.I.S. (Associazione Italiana Sommeliers) will be pouring the wines and guiding the tasting.

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a quantum diaries survivor said...

Have a look at this study, which confirms what I have always thought - to best taste a bottle of wine, leave the price tag on it.